Weeping Willow

Just goofin’ around in Photoshop.

Just goofin’ around in Photoshop.

I think that I will always be doomed to the pursuit of the greener grass. The only problem is: the more I pursue; the more the grass stays the same. It’s like I am scaling mountains only to find a much larger one in the way. Anxiety stricken¬†existence.¬†

What to brew?

I have been gone on an adventure of trying 3 gallon BIAB style all-grain batches. The first batch was a simple brown ale that brewed up last saturday. I miscalculated the boil-off and ended up with 4 gallons instead of 3 so it’s more like a mild brown ale. Now that I have made the mistakes I need to brew another batch to see if I can get a better efficiency and to try some different tactics.¬†

I’m thinking of doing an Oatmeal Stout (even though it won’t be ready by St. Paddy’s) or a Fat Tire Clone (Belgian-style Amber Ale).

Which one do you think?

"Turkey will never beat cow"

-Ron Swanson

Gotta love chamomile tea after a good run!

Trying to not be such a fat ass.



I just want to ride motorcycles, get tattooed, hang out with my friends, hang out with my girlfriend, and get an education. Eff everything else!